For Wholesalers and Asset Management Firm Representatives

For wholesalers and regional/divisional managers looking to strengthen relationships with advisors and COIs, my sessions offer strong appeal and takeaway value different from the usual roster of economists and portfolio managers.

I teach people a new way to live happier, more resilient lives and build higher performing teams. With the current market volatility, the rise of “Robo-Advisors,” and the uncertainty around DOL, even skeptical advisors who generally avoid sponsored events deeply appreciate this content. And since:

  • this applies at home as well as at work
  • the content is also relevant for the advisor’s team and clients
  • it’s interactive and is delivered with intelligence and humor (and without anything “touchy-feely”)

this has been one of the highest-rated sessions for thousands of top producers and their managers.

Additionally, I want you to know that I pay attention to your ROI. We can fit three or four 75-minute trainings in a day (general sessions, team breakouts, a management session, client events, etc.) for the same flat day-rate, so you get more value for your spend. I provide one-pagers, video teasers, and other resources in advance to make sure that we maximize the opportunity — even seasoned wholesalers have been surprised at how many people come to my sessions, often with standing-room-only. And after the session, I give people access to my online training site so they can keep learning, and offer intermediate and advanced trainings to extend the impact and help you continue to build your relationships if you are interested.

To discuss ways we can add value together in your territory, contact us.

“Simple, clear, mind-opening, to the point.” – Merrill Lynch top advisor

“Very positive and productive. I can see applying this to all aspects of life as well as incorporating this into my daily routine.” – Morgan Stanley FA

“Very enlightening and applicable to lots of issues and situations I deal with as an FA” – UBS PWA

“This will help with a couple of the employees [on my team] to better connect them.” – Wells Fargo Advisors/Abbot Downing

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