The Most Important Thing

What is The Most Important Thing to focus on for living a happy life? What about for producing a high-performing team?

The specific answer, drawn from fascinating studies at Harvard and Google, may surprise you. It’s not money, success, achievement, family, health, or any of the other things advisors and clients normally prioritize in wealth management. In this eye-opening program, you learn what The Most Important Thing is, understanding the data behind it, and you also receive a practical tool to develop it much faster.

This content has been immensely popular even with skeptics because of the combination of personal and business application, and because it gives you a tangible takeaway to put into action right away with your team and your loved ones. And the session is bundled with three months of access to the Resilience Academy so you can continue focusing on The Most Important Thing long after the program ends.

Session length: 60-90 minutes
Session type: Interactive Keynote

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“Arguably the most important 1.5 hours of my adult life”
– Merrill Lynch

“Terrific insights into human dynamics” – Wells Fargo Advisors

“Excellent. Provided a comprehensive application case of the framework. Concise and powerful.” – OCC

“Great use of time, and a process to work through things afterwards. Good for all aspects of life.” – Edward Jones

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