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When you’re planning a club trip, client event, or leadership offsite, you have many options. Let me share 7 ways that set my content apart:

  1. First, I know the industry well. I’ve been working with advisors since 2006. I know their challenges, their mindset, and their attention span.
  2. People love that the content on resilience is just as applicable at home as at work. It has twice the value.
  3. This also has strong appeal for client events. Stress, resilience, and living a happy life attract men, women, Baby Boomers, Next Gen, and everyone in between. So advisors who like this program have a way to pass it on and grow.
  4. The content is evergreen. Ten years from now, today’s presentations on investments, markets, and even the DOL will be old news. But how to live a happy life and build a high-performing team will be just as relevant. There are people who came to my first sessions in 2006, and they still come to my sessions now because there’s always something new to learn and room to grow.
  5. I’m funny. Not Louis-CK-Is-someone-going-to-call-HR-and-get-me-fired funny. Muppet funny. (I used to write for the Muppets.) I keep people fully engaged even while they work on their issues.
  6. I bundle in copies of my book on stress as well as three months of membership to the Resilience Academy. The biggest weakness of most keynotes and presentations is that the effect is fleeting. With a book and online membership, people can continue breaking through challenges long after the event is over. The added value makes a real difference.
  7. I’m easy to work with. You know those speakers who make life harder? That’s not me. I’m a low-maintenance speaker who focuses on adding value and making things easier for everyone, including you.

You can read about my content in the Programs section. To see video clips and discuss your particular needs, contact me.

“Arguably the most important 1.5 hours of my adult life.

        – Merrill Lynch Top Advisor

“Very positive and productive. I can see applying this to all aspects of life as well as incorporating this into my daily routine.”

        – Morgan Stanley FA

“Very enlightening and applicable to lots of issues and situations I deal with as an FA”

        – UBS Private Wealth Advisor

“This was an enlightening experience and a great tool that I need to introduce to my team, family and friends.

        – Raymond James Top Advisor

“Very positive. Well delivered with actionable content. I think this can be useful with my team.

        – Wells Fargo Advisors FA

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