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Most of my time is spent delivering programs to large audiences so I can make an impact in how hundreds of people handle life’s challenges. Occasionally people ask me if I do 1:1 coaching. The answer is yes, sometimes.

If you just need someone to share best practices like time management, delegation, or executive presence, there are many coaches who can work with you on behaviors. My coaching focus is not on behaviors, but on the mindset that drives or derails behaviors.

Put another way, if everything is going great and you want to get even better, find a behavioral coach. If your team or your life is heading off the rails and you want someone to help you put it back on track quickly, that could be a fit for me. I work best with clients struggling with an acute challenge. My goal is for your head to hit the pillow at night crystal clear and excited about the next day.

A typical coaching engagement starts with an in-person session. After that, phone or skype coaching is possible. You must read The Myth of Stress first, and you must be able to identify specifically what you think should be different in the world (with your team, your clients, your family, yourself). We work in blocks of three 60-minute sessions, ideally doing three in the first week to build skills and momentum, and then spaced out as needed.

Session length: 60 minutes
Session type: Private Coaching (1:1)

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