Mastering Team Dynamics

Working on a closely-knit team is one of the great joys of professional life. Working on a divisive team can feel like one of the great burdens. What separates the two, and how do you make a bad (or even a good) team better?

We start by looking at recent research into team dynamics that describes what matters most. Then we make things practical by introducing a simple but counterintuitive process to improve team function.

Specifically, we look at the underlying beliefs keeping people from connecting more fully to each other and your team’s purpose, surfacing disagreement and friction in a non-threatening way. This goes far beyond trust falls and superficial team building. It’s a shortcut to greater wisdom and real change for those determined to perform at a higher level.

The live session is followed by virtual coaching to help you and your team integrate this process into your daily interactions.

“Solid! Great topic and framework to use for multiple opportunities.” – Vanguard Senior Manager

“Very constructive session. Good perspective and a great working tool.” – Raymond James Branch Manager

“Excellent. Very helpful to think through things from another person’s perspective.” – RBC Wealth Management

“Outstanding session. Very good real life examples. Encourages great participation.” – Broadridge Financial Solutions

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