Mastering Stress, Resilience, and Change

Where does stress come from? Is it possible our entire understanding of stress is wrong? In this eye-opening interactive session, you’ll see how the founder of the modern stress concept made a fundamental error when formulating the stress concept, and why this has had disastrous consequences on the way we live and work today.

Then you’ll learn the truth about where stress really comes from, and discover a powerful approach to taking apart personal and professional challenges faster, without any jargon, stigma, or “touchy-feeliness.” This has been beloved by thousands of skeptical, Type A advisors (as well as leaders at dozens of companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and others) because it’s smart, it’s repeatable, and it’s just as applicable at home as it is at work.

The fast-paced live session will be followed by three months of access to the Resilience Academy, a unique online platform that helps you continue to build your resilience skills privately and conveniently so you can integrate this tool into your life.

Session length: 1-5 hours
Session type: Interactive

“Amazing cognitive tool that can apply to professional and personal lives!” – Raymond James FA

“Session was fantastic – great way of understanding how to think differently during situations of high stress.” – Janney Branch Manager

“Wonderful! Very nice framework to understand what causes us to feel stressed and how we can help ourselves feel better.” – Wells Fargo Advisors

“Great. Very relevant personally and professionally. Excellent use of time.” – Merrill Lynch PBIG PWA

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