For Home Office and Regional Leaders

I can help Home Office and regional leadership in three specific ways:

First, on your own team, I can help you safely pinpoint and resolve areas of friction that typically get swept under the carpet. This means that people will trust each other more, and you can develop a team climate of greater accountability, heartfelt cooperation, and trust.

Secondly, I can help you lead change at scale. Look beyond your personal team to all the managers, advisors, and clients you serve and think about how much frustration and dissatisfaction exists in their lives, not just at work, but at home too. This is your greatest obstacle to deeper commitment, and your greatest opportunity for growth. Together we can create customized content to help thousands of people rechannel their wasted energy.

And third, having a big job doesn’t make someone immune from the blind spots of leadership. In fact, it makes it more likely that these blind spots remain overlooked as more people say yes to you instead of being honest. If you’re interested in finding areas where you can continue to grow and leave a legacy of greater insight and clarity, the process I teach makes this growth measurable, practical, and surprisingly enjoyable.

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“Great insight.” – Merrill Lynch Division Executive

“Positive.  Enlightening.  Valuable tool to help with perspective.” – Wells Fargo Advisors Home Office

“An amazing tool. Humbling in many ways and freeing in others. Great feedback from the advisors” – Raymond James Regional Leadership

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