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Change is everywhere, morale is low, and you need a program to help your advisors re-engage and grow without being “touchy-feely.” I can help.

I teach advisors a smarter, faster way to transform the challenges that keep them from performing at their best: team dynamics, prospecting issues, family conflict, DOL, concerns about the industry or the firm. The more of these headwinds you remove, the better an advisor feels and the faster he or she can grow. I created a practical process that drives this growth in a way that advisors enjoy.

The net result is more of the client-focused culture-carriers you need. And because it helps them achieve their own goals (happiness and better team performance), they see this as something they want intrinsically instead of one more thing management is asking them to do.

My typical day in a complex includes two general introductory sessions for all advisors and associates, a special session for top producers, and a session for the office management team. Each session is typically 60-90 minutes long and is followed by access to an online platform to help sustain the impact. My programs are sponsored by the industry’s best asset management firms so your discretionary budget is spared.

Those who see value in the introductory content can then opt in to a longer blended training program to accelerate growth in three dimensions (personal, team, clients/prospects). This program will challenge an advisor and his or her team to grow in surprising ways.

To discuss what might be a good fit for your needs, contact me.

“Very strong engagement of relevant content.” – Merrill Lynch Market Executive

“Thank you again for coming. You really followed through on your promise to deliver a session everyone would love.” – Morgan Stanley CBDM

“Helpful thought process.” – UBS Complex Manager

“Very good presentation, low key and non-judgmental, funny. Insightful. Helpful. Nice Job.” – Raymond James Complex Manager

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