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What’s the most important thing for living a happy life? It’s not money — there are plenty of wealthy families who aren’t happy. The key differentiator is a way of dealing with challenges in life so that deep, meaningful relationships are strengthened, not broken, and peace of mind is your baseline state.

I make this more practical. I created a process and program that help people of all ages develop greater insight, accountability, and trust in less time. It doesn’t feel like therapy, because it’s not. It feels like you’re learning an eye-opening new way to become a more emotionally intelligent human being. And it helps ensure that what you’re passing on isn’t just hard assets, but also the softer assets of wisdom, humility, and the ability to explore difficult topics with real insight.

I teach 75-minute and half-day programs. In special cases, I also lead 2.5-day private family retreats. These take place at 5-star resorts, combining the best of both worlds — a beautiful setting and a surprisingly engaging way to repair and strengthen family dynamics across generations.

Ask your advisor about client events hosted by their firm or contact me.

“Educational, enjoyable, and smart.” – T.B., Honolulu, HI

“Excellent – a wonderful and different approach to dealing with life’s stresses.” – M.O., Bloomfield Hills, MI

“A completely different way to look at situations that arise on a daily basis.” – R.S., Houston, TX

“Very engaging with lots of practical applications.” – M.O., Chicago, IL

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