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Struggling with the challenges of life in production? I help top advisors in 3 very specific and actionable ways:

    • I teach you the truth about how stress really works, and what the most important thing to focus on is for personal happiness.
    • I also help you prioritize the most important thing for team performance, drawing from surprising new studies at Google;
    • Finally, in the age of robo-advisors, the greatest competitive advantage is the ability to help clients and prospects with family dynamics challenges. I help make this more practical, with no stigma, so you all grow together.


My sessions are typically sponsored by the best asset management companies committed to supporting your practice. To discuss programs that meet your needs, email me.

“Simple, clear, mind-opening, to the point.” – Merrill Lynch top advisor

“Very positive and productive. I can see applying this to all aspects of life as well as incorporating this into my daily routine.” – Morgan Stanley FA

“Very enlightening and applicable to lots of issues and situations I deal with as an FA” – UBS PWA

“This was an enlightening experience and a great tool that I need to introduce to my team, family and friends.” – Raymond James FA

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