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About me

Since 2007, I’ve taught through Wharton Executive Education, where my resilience classes are among the highest-rated programs for executives from around the world. I also teach extensively within financial services, with a special focus on top financial advisors and their clients. I wrote The Myth of Stress, which changes how people handle challenges in life, and run ResilienceAcademy.com to lead change at scale. AndrewBernstein.com is intended for organizations interested in my programs.

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My Work Focuses on Helping
Teams and Families

Turn Friction
in Their Lives
into Greater Flow

Andrew Bernstein

Why Your People Will Like This

  • it's Smart

    The session is grounded in data and highly relevant examples, so even skeptics like it.

  • it's Practical

    We go beyond theories to address a common challenge drawn from daily life.

  • it's Interactive

    The session is built around a unique 7-step process, keeping everyone engaged.

  • it's Funny

    I used to write for the Muppets. We handle big topics but with a light touch.

  • it's Real

    This content addresses real life, accelerating growth both at work and at home.

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